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Key Events

Training of Youth leaders

Youth workers met with participants to train, and engage them in non-formal education, and discuss issues that they feel are important that can then be brought forward to the Social hackathon in February.


Project Kick Off June 2021

European partners meet to co-construct the Project taking into account the specific needs of each audiance and region involved.

Call for Participants July-September 2021

Young Europeans aged 16-30 were invited via social media to join the VOYCE project.

Opened a dialogue with other organisations involved in active citizenship, in particular those that focus on individuals with fewer opportunities.

Creation of Local Work Groups
September - January 2021


Presentation of Project on Social Media July 2021

Partners took to social media, presenting the project to potential participants on Facebook and Instagram and launching a call for participants.

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Workshops where held for participants across Europe focusing on three main themes of structured training: 

   - New volunteering and mobility schemes     

     addressed to people with fewer opportunities

     - Youth organisation support based on new and

     sustainable socio-economic models

     - Develop a critical mind promoting effective     

    communication and problem-solving abilities.

this focused on non-formal education and gamification using games, to create social links and to reflect on the needs, fears and desires of young people.

Training of Youth Leaders December 2021

Transnational Working Meeting
November 2021

Partner organisations met in Sweden to discuss the progress of the project and to plan for the international hackathon's start in February.

Social Hackathon Week Februrary 2021

Gathering of young Europeans in Athens, Greece, where young people will make their VOYCE heard. The social hackathon event will engage young people in concrete projects that matter to them.

International Hackathon Februrary- October 2022

This international event will promote cultural exchange, collaboration and sharing of ideas and international values. After building knowledge and experience from local discussion tables, young people will take the lead in defining concrete proposals to tackle global issues such as inequality and exclusion. All the ideas generated during the VOYCE Social Hackathon will be available on a custom-made platform that will be accessible to the public. The co-creation process will allow groups created during the Social Hackathon to complete their projects and to present them to a wide audience. There will be a closing event held in October 2022, hosting entrepreneurs, politicians, charitable associations and young people.

Implementation of Local Projects March - July 2022

With the digital platform VOYCE, young Europeans will continue to work together to implement the hackathon projects locally. They will be supported by local facilitators and partners.

Final Conference October 2022

Taking place in Bordeaux, France, participants will present all projects they've carried out. Partners and participants will have a chance to review each project with all contributors involved.

International Hackathon
Training of youth leaders
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