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Partner organisations

VOYCE is a collaborative project between 9 European Charities and Non-Governmental Organisations.


Based in the university city of Oxford in the UK, Ikkaido is a registered charity working to improve the lives of disabled and disadvantaged young people.   Ikkaido uses a 6E Strategy to create diverse and inclusive approaches to youth participation through Engagement, Empowerment, Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship which will lead them to Eudaimona (being the best you can be).   Ikkaido deliver inclusive and accessible digital education in the fields of Activation, Leadership, Coaching, Tutoring, Assessment and Internal Quality Assurance and are a Vocational Education and Training Centre of Excellence. Ikkaido sit on the Diversity and Inclusion working Group of the United Nations Global Compact for the SDGs UK, are members of  UN Women and have Special Consultative Status to UN.



The Institute for Studies in Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement is an NGO working in the field of diversity and inclusion for youth, women and girls and all persons with fewer opportunities.   All INSIDE EU managers, employees and directors are people with disabilities and fewer opportunities which enables us to take a diverse and inclusive approach to diversity and inclusion.  We are experts in the development of well-being and empowerment associated with accessible and inclusive education, employment, and entrepreneurship.  Our mission is to encourage, support and carry out research on diversity and inclusion in all spheres of society.   We provide accessible inclusive communication design, resources and technology solutions for our partners in projects, sport and physical activity, industry and commerce and education.

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EKO Greece

EKO, the Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group, is a Non-profit Organisation seated in Athens, Greece, working in the field of Youth Empowerment, Human Rights & Social Inclusion; Intercultural Dialogue & Solidarity; Promotion of Youth & Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and Green Growth & Sustainability.

EKO`s primary mission is to contribute to the creation of an inclusive society, free from prejudice and discrimination. Thus, developing and growing a sustainable living environment.
Over the years, EKO has developed its expertise and know-how within the area of European projects, empowering intercultural dialogue among European youth and citizens.

Active Youth Association

Active Youth Association (AY) is a for-purpose organisation working with youth and communities in need in Lithuania and across borders. We have extensive experience in non-formal education, as well as a range of other topics. Most important among which: sustainability, social inclusion, healthy lifestyle, digital tools, human rights.


Faal Derneği

Faal Derneği is a non-governmental organisation situated in Ankara,Turkey. The main purpose of the organisation is to empower young people who can take an active role in society. Active citizenship, social inclusion, integration of disadvantaged groups are the main activities.
Faal Derneği is working with Municipalities, schools, universities, and other youth organizations in its environment in order to increase impact for youth.
The mission of Faal Derneği is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights, and international cooperation.
More specifically, Faal Dernegi has been part of several strategic partnerships to build APP, Game, and training packages for youth and youth leaders/workers in Ankara.


Active Womens Association

Active Women Association is a non-governmental non-profit organization which promotes social inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable groups such as youth, seniors, women and minorities. We actively promote tolerance, gender equality and civic society values.

The main channels we work through are: non-formal education, social & media campaigns, networking & coalitions, strategic learning partnerships, lobbying, advocacy, and counselling.


Aux Couleurs du Deba

Aux couleurs du DEBA is an association with 15 years of expertise in European projects, non-formal education, intercultural dialogue, active citizenship and young people with fewer opportunities (NEETs).

We work in the fields of youth, training and education, employment and social entrepreneurship, sport, and of course, European mobility.

Through our actions we help young people, but also professionals and volunteers, to develop their personal, social and professional skills in the respect of democratic values and human rights.


The common thread in all our actions is active citizenship and interculturality. The place given to each person is the same for all, no one is worth more than the other. We are all citizens, European citizens and citizens of the world.

Our projects develop respect and understanding of diversity. We promote active pedagogy and non-formal education to encourage open-mindedness, autonomy and emancipation of people.


CIAPE is a non-profit private organisation, existing as an Association of Learners to promote the development of a learning society. The organization is:

-recognised European expert in Work Based Learning

-coordinator of the European Network for Quality Apprenticeship

-recognised European organisation for the training of trainers

-high qualified experienced in EU, national and regional projects management

CIAPE supports active citizenship and participation of young people in all aspects of society by awareness raising actions and through the implementation of researches and policy papers about the new skills required by the future labour market, for a better professional integration of young people

The organization is engaged in designing and implementing specific training, coaching and mentoring sessions addressed to young people (15-24) and young adults (24-30), including youth workers, animators, trainers, coaches, etc., based on an innovative, inclusive and integrated approach made up of multiple methodologies and tools: Non-violent communication, Storytelling, Humanistic coaching, Personal branding canvas, LEGO ® Serious Play.


Hello Youth

Hello Youth (HeY) is an NGO established in 2013 to promote active citizenship and participation of young people in all aspects of society. We encourage young people to participate in European projects as we recognize the compelling ways they can help young people improve themselves. The organization comprises young people from different cultural, economic, and social backgrounds to create inclusive and active young people in societies. The age of our target group is between 13-30 years old.

The objectives of Hello Youth are:

  • To increase young people´s active participation in the local community and at the European level.

  • To provide new opportunities for young people to develop themselves and reach their fullest potential.

  • To create meeting places for young people who have fewer opportunities.

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